Things to Do

Once you find your way to this quaint New England town, it may be hard to go back home.
You can fill your days with museums, galleries, and historic sites as you experience the rich history and culture of New England.
Put on your walking shoes and explore our local antique and specialty shops where you might find some unexpected treasures.
If you yearn for old fashioned summer nights; you can dance under the stars at the town green, or sit on a park bench with home made ice cream.
Visit the local deli or farmer's market for a picnic lunch to enjoy as you hike a trail up a mountain or stroll along the river.

Even the local residents don't know what a gem Wallingford is. A search for restaurants in Wallingford came up with 170!
Admittedly, that includes fast food eateries. Remove those from the list, and there's still an awful lot to choose from.

You don't have to go far for entertainment. A number of local restaurants offer live entertainment.
The local winery is a popular hang out (for residents in and around neighboring towns) with weekend performers, and the Oakdale Theatre has scheduled performances by popular artists.
Venture out a bit and there are endless possibilities. We're just 15 minutes from New Haven and less than 30 minutes from Hartford.

If there is a particular place listed below that you want to visit, be sure to call first as this list may not be quite up-to-date.