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Lutheran Church Service-A Sample Description

Lutheran church services are liturgical. There is a pattern for each service look at this. The weekly bulletin is given by an usher when you enter the sanctuary. Each service is explained in this bulletin. All hymns are selected from the With One Voice Supplement, and the Lutheran Book of Worship. These hymns have numbers instead of page numbers. The bulletin lists them. Below is an outline showing a typical Lutheran service. The actual service may vary slightly. Although the layout is not the same for all seasons and days on the Christian Calendar, it can be quite different. Many of the services have a particular page number, so they can be followed using the hymnals that include the text for different services.

These meditation thoughts can be found in the bulletin. They may also be considered during the preservice music. The actual Lutheran services start with announcements and prayer requests. A gathering song is then followed by “Confessions of Forgiveness”, which is usually followed with a brief greeting. The “kyrie”, which is all found in the hymnals, follows. The day’s lessons (Bible readings), and a prayer are said. Following is a children’s message. Then all the children move to the front row of the sanctuary. The (adult message) is then given and sung. The use of the three main Creeds is used to confirm faith. The church then prays for God’s peace. Following that, a greeting is given and a handshake is performed. Finally, peace wishes are made among the congregation. The ushers will then gather the offering and bring it to front of the sanctuary. A brief offeringtory is also given.

The Lutheran church believes in close communion. Each month there are usually two or three Sundays where all baptized persons within the church’s eye can attend. Due to the fact that different lutheran churches offer different services, this is a brief description of what happens: The Great Thanksgiving, which is recited by the pastor and an assistant along with several “helpers”. The “Words of Institution,” are then said and bread broken. The people will then be invited by placing their pews on the front row. There they can drink a cup or wine while kneeling at a communion rail to the side. After they have been blessed with the bread and wine, the people are to go back to their places along the sanctuary’s exterior wall. After everyone has had a chance to enjoy the bread and wine, the blessings will be offered. The “Post Communion Canticle”, which is followed by a blessing and another prayer, will be sung. After the congregation has been dismissed by the pastor, a sending song will be sung. Finally, post-service music will be played and the congregation is greeted at the Lutheran Church’s exit.