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Mobile Resource Management Solutions Are Used In A variety Of Industries

Mobile Resource Management solutions (MRM), have many applications. MRM solutions incorporate the most recent technologies geospatial intelligence, such as Global Positioning System (GPS), two-way wireless communications, voice and Internet-based technologies, to help different industries reduce operational costs, track mobile resource in real-time and reduce fuel costs and emission, manage workforce, and reduce costs. MRM solutions allow for crucial decisions to be made regarding managing resources.

Transportation and Distribution
Mobile Resource Management solutions make use of the best technologies available, such as GPS technology, to track fleet managers’ vehicles in real time. They also help them reduce fuel costs and manage risks. MRM solutions improve driver activity tracking, track speed and direction of vehicles and lower fuel costs. Transport businesses can also make use of mobile resource management systems like Fleet Management to improve vehicle efficiency and decrease emissions. MRM solutions can be used by businesses involved in distribution to optimize route optimization, provide service alerts and monitor driver activity. This will allow you to plan a more efficient route, with more stops, that will increase productivity and profits.

Mobile Resource Management solutions allow contractors to finish their projects on-time, within budget. It helps you respond to unexpected situations by providing efficient vehicle tracking, precise location of assets and vehicles, pin point tools and equipments at locations, and navigation for cars. MRM solutions offers engine diagnostic/telemetry tools, which provide information on engine performance, coolant temperatures, oil pressure, and other important details. This prevents engine failure at work sites and expensive repairs. The driver tracking tool improves productivity as well as attendance at work sites. It also helps reduce idle workers.

Public Safety, such as Police and Fire Services
Police and fire departments must respond immediately to emergencies. Mobile Resource Management solutions that reduce response time by efficiently managing critical resources can help you to reduce your response time. MRM solutions help to manage call receptions and resources and integrate geospatial technologies so that fire fighters or police officers are equipped with maps from the location where the emergency call was made. It helps reduce fuel and overtime expenses.